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Divorce Mediation Cost Savings


Divorce creates financial anxiety for both parties. You want a fair division of your assets and debts but you don't want a divorce professional who endlessly drains your bank account. With a combination of flat fees and hourly fees, you will have a good idea of the Cost of Mediation and be in Control of how much you spend.  Flat Fees make sure that I work as productively as possible for you because I can't afford to create unnecessary work. All of the Hourly Fees relate to client communications (including Mediation) and the time we spend in Mediation is entirely up to you. On average, Divorce Attorneys require retainers between $6,000 - $10,000 dollars. Most divorcing spouses I work with reach an amicable divorce settlement between 1 - 8 hours. Even on the higher end, the cost of working with me will save you loads compared to average cost of divorce in California ($17,500 per spouse for divorces without children and $26,000 per spouse for divorces with children). 

Mediation Sessions, Client Communication, Revisions, and Memorandums of Understanding

Preparing All

Court Paperwork & Filings

First Draft of the Marital Settlement Agreement 

Filing Fees

(These go to the Court)

$350/hr ($175/hr each Spouse)

$1,725 ($862.50 each Spouse)

$1,725 ($862.50 each Spouse)

$1,000 ($500 each Spouse)

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