About Asa

Asa Pitt, JD is a professional divorce mediator, California attorney, and founder of Asa Pitt Mediation based out of Los Angeles. Asa chose to become a divorce mediator when he realized that he could combine his knack for dispute resolution and inclination for helping others into a profession. As a child of divorce, Asa recognized that his parents’ relationship following their split was cordial, to the point, and in the best interest of their children. In the event of divorce, Asa wants every child and ex-spouse to move forward with their lives in a similar fashion. 

Most people quickly realize that Asa doesn’t beat around the bush. He will tell you exactly what he’s thinking in the best interest of your mediation; whether that means the conversation is straying off topic, you’re interrupting and need to do a better job of listening, that you’re actually doing a good job, or need to take a short break. Asa takes pride in keeping divorce mediations balanced, honest, and moving towards the future. 

Asa is a man of the people for the people just doing his best. In Asa’s down time he enjoys everyday things like football, rom-coms, and In-N-Out Burger.