About Asa

Hi, my name is Asa (Ace-uh). I am a professional divorce mediator and licensed California attorney. With a little bit of guidance, I believe that anyone going through divorce has the capacity to restructure their personal and family life in a peaceful manner.


As someone with divorced parents and regularly experiences divorce in a professional setting, I am fully aware of the emotional burden that divorce has on a family. While the emotional tax of divorce is always difficult for my clients, my livelihood is based on affectively defusing a chunk of that emotional turbulence and empowering families to move their lives forward in a way that maximizes the benefits for everyone involved, including children.  


I strongly encourage my clients to consciously shift from an emotional approach to divorce, to a tactful approach. I want my clients to know that what they do and say during mediation, will have a lifelong effect on their futures. Although the family dynamics for my clients change, maintaining a civil relationship with their ex starts during mediation.


Because I want the best future for my clients and their families, I am equally tough but fair with everyone I help. I simply do not tolerate any behavior that drives our discourse towards a petty, trivial, or disrespectful place. I understand that sometimes my clients have a hard time controlling their emotions which is why I never hold it against them, although I do check the behavior every single time.  


I take great pride in keeping divorce mediations balanced, honest, and moving towards the future. 


I am a member of the State Bar of California and Southern California Mediation Association where I work with my peers to further the development of professional mediators. In my down time I enjoy everyday things like football, rom-coms, and In-N-Out Burger.