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Save yourself time, money, privacy, and control.

Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars on a nasty divorce that takes years to complete. 

Mediation is designed to save you a tremendous amount of time, money, privacy, and control. Don't make your divorce harder than it needs to be.

Divorce is stressful and confusing. 

I get it.

You're visiting my website because you have to, not because you ever wanted to.

Nobody comes into a divorce feeling completely ready. 

I say, "Divorce Smarter," because while divorce is hard - it doesn't have to be nasty.

Divorce isn't about taking your ex for everything they're worth. Divorce is about the future well being of yourself, your children, and everyone's financial stability. 

Nobody wants to be taken for a ride. You've heard dreadful stories about ridiculous attorney's fees, the divorce that went on for years, and overall just miserable divorce experiences. With all of the horror stories in mind, how can you still move your lives forward? 

Choose the Smarter Path and walk the road of Mediation. 

"Working with Asa took a divorce process I was anxious to go through and turned it into an actual pleasant experience. I could not be happier with the outcome, the service I received, or the process as a whole. Asa was both down-to-earth and professional, taking care of all the legal aspects while still providing a congenial atmosphere in which my former partner and I were able to work collaboratively rather than at odds. I highly recommend Asa and I would use him again (but hopefully not)." 


- Matthew G. 

The Process

Why Does Mediation = Smarter Divorce?

Save Time

Your Mediation sessions should be done in 1-3 months and the court can have you divorced within 6 months. On average, Litigation makes divorce a 16 month fight.

Save Money

Don't pay for individual attorneys. Split the cost of one attorney/mediator. Mediation can save you 5x - 10x the cost of using an attorney (click here for cost info).

Save Control

In Mediation, determine the parenting plan and support payment commitments yourselves, not somebody in a robe. 

Save Privacy

With Mediation, you'll never have to set foot in court, unlike litigation where your divorce is on public display.

Los Angeles

"My job isn't to decide what's fair, but rather support effective communication, keep the conversation cordial, offer suggestions, and enable the soon to be ex spouses to produce their own solutions. 

At Asa Pitt Mediation, we don’t spend our time fighting. We spend our time moving your lives’ forward."

-Asa Pitt

How does the Mediation Process Work?

Step 1

Call anytime or fill out the contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Step 2

Sign the Mediation Services Agreement and pay the flat fee (know the cost of your divorce from the start). 

Step 3

Gather information about your assets/debts and share it with Asa for analysis.

Step 4

Asa starts drafting and filing court paperwork. Additional court paperwork is filed by Asa throughout the process.

Step 5

Begin your Mediation Session(s) and work through the details of your divorce.

Step 6

Asa drafts and files the judgment so everyone can move forward with their lives.

As a third party, neutral to both sides, allow me to guide you through the delicate terrain of divorce negotiations until we reach a settlement that works for everyone. Mediation doesn't take sides and respects both parties equally. 

"Asa is a wonderfully fair and compassionate mediator. His sessions are efficient and effective. In between mediation sessions he was diligent about keeping all parties abreast of the status of filings and other clerical events. He took the stress out of a potentially very tense negotiation. I give him my highest recommendation."

- Bernard P.

Southern California Mediation Association
Beverly Hills Bar Association.png
The State Bar of California
Academy of Professional Family Mediators

"Asa made the complexities of divorce streamlined and simple for us. I am thankful for his insight and expertise."

- Karin S.

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Meet Your Mediator

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Asa Pitt

Hi, my name is Asa (Ace-uh). I am a professional Divorce Mediator and licensed California Attorney. With a little bit of guidance, I believe that anyone going through divorce has the capacity to restructure their personal and family life in a peaceful manner.

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