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Divorce is a challenging process that can be made more or less difficult depending on how you choose to approach the situation.


One option is to follow the traditional model of hiring expensive attorneys to fight with each other for about a year until you are divorced. Another option is divorce mediation, where you and your spouse hire a neutral third party to guide the process of your divorce settlement negotiation without attorneys. Many divorcing spouses choose mediation because it is a faster, cheaper, and more confidential process than traditional litigation (see What is Divorce Mediation & Why Mediate).


Since opening my doors, I’ve been committed to working efficiently by keeping the lines of communication with and between my clients clear, concise, and to the point. I simply will not allow you or your spouse to drive the mediation towards petty, trivial, and disrespectful talking points.  


At Asa Pitt Mediation, my mission is simple: to help my clients amicably resolve their divorce while saving them over 90% of the cost they would otherwise spend on attorney’s fees.


In California, the average attorney’s fees for a divorce without children will cost each spouse around $17,500 and if children are involved about $26,000 per spouse. With Asa Pitt Mediation, each spouse only pays the mediator a flat fee of $1,500 - $1,700.


At Asa Pitt Mediation, we don’t spend our time fighting. We spend our time moving your lives’ forward.

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